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STOP!! Hitting Instructors are teaching the wrong things... CHECK THIS OUT!!!!
By Bill Carlson

The Visual and Feel Effect

I have been teaching hitting for 20 years, and I have seen a lot of teaching techniques, and I have noticed one disturbing trend....Not one of these "Instructors" say anything about the eyes, they assume they are WATCHING THE BALL and blame all players mistakes on "mechanics".
(dropping your shoulder-stepping out-wrapping the bat-pulling your head, ect.... Have you heard any of these?

This is the problem every player has, this happens because they really believe they are watching the ball very well, so when they "miss the ball" or "pop it up" or have "no power and consistency", they always blame the “Mechanics”. The problem with this theory is simple - Mechanics are only as good as your eyes.

What instructors don’t realize is that they can teach all the “Mechanics” they want, but if the player is not “WATCHING THE BALL” really well, the mechanics will break down, period.

Now here are some tips on how to improve your swing:

1) Make sure you have a really strong stance: The stronger your “base” is, the better your eyes will stay on the ball, feet outside your shoulders are a good starting point.

2) Make sure you know how to “watch the ball”: Instructors always say “keep your eye on the ball”, sounds good but not accurate, you can still see the ball and not be watching it well, its called peripheral vision. Make sure that your nose is on the ball, that way both eyes will be centered.

3) Make sure your Shoulders are down: Shoulders up create tightness, which in turn makes It harder to watch the ball.

4) Realize what hand dominates: The bottom hand is GOD in hitting, you do need the top hand to push through the zone, however, the better you “WATCH THE BALL” the bottom hand WILL TAKE OVER. The eyes and the bottom hand work together.

5) : This website has a hitting aid that will help anyone perfect their swing, stay relaxed, and use the mental side of hitting. Check it out!!!

If you take anything from this article, please take this:
If you are not hitting well, you are definitely not WATCHING THE BALL WELLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I will answer all your questions.

I will see you on the field!! - Bill Carlson

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