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Introduction Letter - Start the Season Off Right
By Gerald Rhead



To Parents of Baseball Participants:

Thank you for allowing your child to play baseball this year. I have met many of you, and look forward to meeting the new parents. I am extremely excited about helping your child expand their understanding of the great game of baseball! As their coach, my first emphasis will be on what I call FUNdamentals. I will work with your child to further develop their fundamental skills and hopefully we will have a lot of FUN learning together.

I demand that each child is respectful. Respectful to me, fellow players, opponents, officials and those they come in contact with throughout the season. I believe it is important to develop an early understanding of sportsmanship and teamwork. My focus is to teach, not win. We will win as a team and lose as a team. I hope that you also share this philosophy and will discuss and emphasize these concepts with your children throughout the season.

Enclosed/attached are some materials that I hope you find helpful:

Team Roster
We are the and will be playing in the middle division of the . Attached is the team roster, we currently have X players on our team.

Practice and Game Schedule
Attached and embedded here is the practice schedule. Games have not yet been scheduled by . Please note our first practice on . At least one parent should plan to attend the first practice as there will be a brief orientation and distribution of forms. We will also be conducting general skill assessments of your child so they should come dressed in practice gear (see below).

Player Survey
Please help your player complete this survey. It helps me get an idea of your player’s experience as well as areas of interest that your player has. I am also looking for parents to help at practice and at games so please indicate your interest accordingly. Please plan to bring this completed form to the practice.

Your child should have attended one of the two uniform fitting sessions held over the past few weeks. If you have not yet ordered a uniform please notify me immediately.

The team will provide baseball helmets, bats, balls, catcher’s helmet, chest protector and shin guards. Each player will need baseball cleats (no metal) and glove.

Protective Gear
It will be necessary for each player to be outfitted with a protective cup, regardless of the position they are playing. It is also highly recommended that each player have sliding shorts worn underneath the uniform pants. If you have any questions about equipment please do not hesitate to contact me.

Practice Gear
Each player should come to practice wearing baseball practice pants or sweats (no shorts) w/ sliding shorts underneath. There is leading off and stealing at this level so we will be practicing slides and return moves to bases. Players will need cleats and a glove for each practice and a hat is highly recommended as well.

It is highly recommended that your player bring a water bottle or jug to practices and games. We are outdoors and do not have access to drinking fountains.

League Play
The will begin . Visit for more info. During most weeks we will play two games (Monday-Thursday). Typically there will be one home game per week and one away game. Home games will be played at and away games will be played with teams in the area and surrounding communities.

Tournament Play
We will attend at least one tournament and possibly two. These will be local tournaments and will not require overnight stays.

Length of Games
Games are scheduled to go X innings and are subject to

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