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Vasoline will break in your new glove in minutes

By Jim Curtis [ 1 ]

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There are several ways to break in a new baseball glove, most are effective to varying degrees. From working the new leather with your hands to using shaving cream or glove oil, everyone has an opinion on what's the best way. Try vasoline. It's quick and easy and in just about 20 minutes, your new stiff glove has transformed into a flexible molded one ready for play.

To get started, you'll need a jar of vasoline, a pillow slip, a shoe string, and old baseball, and your new glove. First, dip two to three fingers in the jar of vasoline and get a good amount on your fingers. Use your fingers to apply the vasoline to the entire glove surface, front and back, with just a little extra amount applied to the glove area where it flexes/bends. The amount applied to the glove should be just a little more than just a light film covering. After applying the vasoline, place the old baseball in the glove pocket to help form the glove and secure it in place wrapping/tying a shoe strong around the glove.

Now, place the glove inside the old pillow slip and tie a knot towards the top of the pillow slip opening to keep the glove from coming out. Put the pillow slip/glove into the clothes dryer, place on moderate heat setting for approx 20 mins (enough time to allow the vasoline to soak into the leather). Remove the glove from the dryer and pillow slip, rub in any undesolved vasoline, and you're ready to play with your new broken in glove!

Article Copyright By Author. All Rights Reserved.    Date Added: April 16, 2007

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